Elder Chris FolsomElder Chris Folsom has been the pastor of Zion Primitive Baptist Church since March 2008. He was ordained to the full work of the Gospel Ministry in October of 2001. In January 1986, Brother Chris married Sister Laura Suber, his high school sweetheart and they have one daughter, Caroline.


Brother Chris was baptized into the Primitive Baptist Church in May of 1998 by Elder Marty Hoskins after a confession of faith in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, joining Zion Primitive Baptist Church. His wife, Sister Laura is a lifelong member of the Primitive Baptist Church and their daughter, Caroline, is also a member of Zion.


Brother Chris came to the Primitive Baptist after studying the scriptures, and being blessed of God to have his eyes opened to the truth of God’s word. Brother Chris shared, “It was not easy. I grew up believing something different. I had always believed what everyone told me to believe about God, Jesus Christ, and salvation. I asked God to show me what the truth is; I became a blank sheet of paper. I deleted everything I thought I knew about God, Jesus Christ, and salvation and began reading and studying scripture for myself. After a year of reading and studying, the Lord opened my eyes. I could see the sovereignty of God, the finished work of Jesus Christ, and my absolute unworthiness of God’s loving kindness. It was then I knew I could no longer walk in the light I had walked in previously. I am thankful to God and my Saviour Jesus Christ for opening my eyes to the truth of God’s word and planting me in the Primitive Baptist faith.”


Brother Chris added, "God has blessed this ministry. There is a love at Zion Church that comes only from God. When I travel to other churches, they often comment about the love they experience when they visit us here at this little church. I see it too, it is indeed a special love we share at Zion and it undeniably comes from God through Jesus Christ."


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